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İstehsalçı: Tansa
Model: LTT-303

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Product Description

Product Description
LTT 303 has the smallest possible frame of all models rendering it especially suitable for installation in small spaces. TANSA turnstiles accept and work with a wide variety of proximity, magnetic or biometric readers. Typical Applications Access to private offices in multi-storey officecomplexes. This makes it possible for visitors to enterthe building with a pass they receive from the securitydesk downstairs and have access only to that specificoffice. Entrance to buses and minibuses. Access to the restrooms and lockers in factories withlarge number of workers. The greatest advantage of the mechanism is itsmonoblock welded construction. In some turnstilebrands, the mechanism is attached to the turnstilebody by bolts and screws. In contrast, the head mechanism of TANSA turnstilesare manufactured as a single integrated block weldedto the body. Thanks to such robust construction, thereis no slacking or deformation in the turnstile mechanismover time. A TANSA turnstile can be used both unidirectionallyand bidirectionally thanks to its electromechanicdesign. Selection of direction can be configured easilyby the client’s authorized security personnel. Accessright can be denied or granted remotely. All mechanical hardware and electromechanical controlsystems are manufactured at TANSA’s own productionplants.